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Young Readers: The Spiderling Chronicles: Noisy Norris
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Title:      The Spiderling Chronicles: Noisy Norris
Categories:      Featured Books, Young Readers
BookID:      4001
Authors:      Winifred Williams
ISBN-10(13):      978-1910853009
Publisher:      Lioness Publishing
Publication date:      14 April 2015
Number of pages:      30
Language:      English
Rating:      5 
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The Spiderling Chronicles: 



This is the story of Noisy Norris, the spiderling who is always getting into trouble for making noise wherever he goes.

But then Mike the Music Man comes to town and discovers that Norris has a rare talent!

A fun picture book for youngsters from tiny tots to first readers. A friendly, and not scary, story, that introduces children to friendly bugs and little critters that live at the bottom of your garden.

With fun story related interactive things for adults and children to talk about and do together.


Linda Arditto - Aug. 23, 2015

Excellent story and presentation. All kids that have this read to them must love it. I enjoyed it myself but don't tell anyone I read a childrens' book.

MasterReadersBooks - May 04, 2015

Thanks to one rainy summer holiday in the Lake Dictrict and an immense abundance of spiders around the rented log cabin, The Spiderling Chronicles exist. That's where the author got inspiration and I think, it's a good idea to turn creepy crawlies into characters in a series of books for kids, as in reality, they are usually not that creepy, if we care to take a closer look instead of just crushing them .... The book is enhanced with vivid illustrations and there are lots of "sounds" in the text (Da Da Da Drum, Clack Clack Clackety Clack, etc.), something which children will love. At the end of the book, the author offers ideas to think and talk about, which will engage the young reader further with the story..... The end of the story offers an interesting thought for us all: the once most annoying kid in the neighbourhood, is all of a sudden awesome, once he's a star. Read the full review here

Katy Squires - 22 April 2015

My son and nephew loved it especially as they could make the catchy sounds Norris made.

P L Tribbensee - 25 Jan 2015

Pure genius. Both myself and my daughter loved it. And the illustrations are amazing too. Highly recommended read.

R. Syson - 19 Jan 2015

Five Stars - Loved this one even more than other one - more in the series please !

Joyce Phillips - 20 Dec 2014

lovely just what I needed for my grandchild


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