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Young Readers: The Adventures of Puss-Puss - Vol 3
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Title:      The Adventures of Puss-Puss - Vol 3
Categories:      Featured Books, Young Readers
BookID:      20031
Authors:      Elspeth
ISBN-10(13):      9781910853160
Publisher:      Lioness Publishing
Publication date:      July 2016
Number of pages:      52
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
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The Final Adventures of Puss-Puss - Volume 3:

Puss-Puss, the Red, the Selki, the Tunnelling Hump, the Happy Hibernation, & the Sprung, the Final Adventure 

These are the final adventures of Puss-Puss. 

The adventures of Puss-Puss continue as she meets a Red, saves a Selki, solves the mystery of the Tunnelling Hump, wishes her friends a Happy Hibernation, welcomes them back as Spring is Sprung, and concludes with Puss-Puss' final adventure.

This is the final volume in the 3 book series of the wonderful Adventures of Puss-Puss as she meets new friends and has exciting adventures in the big outside.



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