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Young Readers: The Adventures of Puss-Puss - Vol 1
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Title:      The Adventures of Puss-Puss - Vol 1
Categories:      Young Readers
BookID:      2002
Authors:      Elspeth
ISBN-10(13):      978-1910853115
Publisher:      Lioness Publishing
Publication date:      12 May 2015
Number of pages:      34
Language:      English
Rating:      5 
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The Adventures of Puss-Puss
Volume 1:

Puss-Puss, the Splash Maker, & the Rainbow 

It all started when Puss-Puss was young.

Puss-Puss was not sure how or why it happened. One night she went to sleep in the box under the bed like she did every night but when she woke in the morning she was by the canal in the big outside.

This is volume 1 in the 3 book series of the wonderful Adventures of Puss-Puss as she meets new friends and has exciting adventures in the big outside.



My children were captivated
2016-01-01 20:48:59
My children were captivated by the Adventures of Puss Puss, they can't wait to read next in the series
Delicious read for all ages
2016-01-01 20:50:27
Puss-Puss, the queen of cool cats with a dream, ends up living by a mysterious canal. Her daily routine mostly involved looking for something good and juicy, to eat. Always the diplomat, Puss-Puss held entertaining interrogations with her snacks--she gave them all a chance. The smooth talkers became friends, although one did lose a leg. This is a delicious read for students of all ages.
Read out loud on the bus
2016-01-01 20:52:19
Was reading this out loud to my daughter on the bus, when it came to our stop a little boy the seat behind begged me not to get off until we had finished the story!

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