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Join the Beta Reader Team

If you like reading and finding new books. If you like talking about books. Then you need to join the Lioness Publishing Beta Reader team.

As a Beta Reader, you are providing an invaluable service to writers and to readers, and we very much value your feedback.

Join the Beta Reader team

What does a Beta Reader do ?

Simple. You read our writers' books for free and you give your feedback.

The books you will reviewing may be in late drafts, at prepublishing stage, or recently published.

Whether it's a rave review or you've just spotted a typo, your feedback matters, and you will be helping authors to deliver a better book to readers.

Note: you must be over 18 to register.

What do I get out of it?

Mostly you get free books.

You will be the first to read books that have never been published, as well as recently launched books.

You will be contributing to help authors improve their writing and ultimately helping to deliver a quality book experience to readers .

How do I register to be a Beta Reader?

Just complete the applicaton form, then respond to the confirmation email. We will review your application and let you know if you've been accepted.

What happens if I am accepted as a Beta Reader?

Beta Readers are notified of a new book about to be published.

We will send you a privileged link to download the book for free.

The format will be as a pdf or an ebook that you can read on most devices.

We will try to give you at least 4 weeks notice, to give you the opportunity to fully read and review the Beta Books.

Do I need a Goodreads or Amazon account to be a Beta Reader?

Goodreads or Amazon accounts are not necessary to be a Beta Reader.

However, once the book is published you may be invited to provide a review on independent platforms.

Will my reviews be published?

This depends on the nature of your feedback.

If you are reporting technical issues, like typos, then no. 

If you are providing a review about the book, then we may publish the review alongside the book matter.

Join the Beta Reader team

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