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Lisa Frei
Lisa Frei

Lisa Frei was born in Ismaning, a village in Bavaria, Germany, near Munich before World War II.

She moved to England in 1962 to be an au pair girl in order to learn the English language. She had studied English for some years, but when she arrived in England she found she couldn't understand a word. However, she soon learned, took a couple of exams and then got married.

In 1993 Lisa became a widow and in 2002 she moved into a cosy little home in the small village of Trowell in Nottinghamshire, to be nearer to her son Michael. Her daughter Angela lives abroad, and visits frequently.

Lisa absolutely adores writing as well as reading other people's writing. She also loves studying languages (currently French and Arabic) and learning about other cultures and how people live.

Lisa firmly believes we all have a story to tell and that anybody who wants to should write.

Lisa is currently working on translating The Road of the Mountaineer into German, and is looking forward to writing a Science Fiction story as her first fictional story.

You can follow Lisa on her website at

May we learn to live, to love, to tolerate and understand,
And then may God be pleased that he created Man.
Lisa Frei

The Road of the Mountaineer
Die Strasse Der Gerbirgsjäger


The Road of the Mountaineers

The Road of the Mountaineers
Die Strasse Der Gerbirgsjäger


Lisa Frei and her family lived in the small village of Ismaning just outside Munich before and during the second world war.

Through her painstaking research, family interviews and personal recollections, she narrates the events that took her brothers, Toni and Shorsh, to war. Conscripted to the German army; one went to Russia, while the other went to the Arctic with the Mountaineers Company.

This fascinating account mingles personal stories, tragic accounts and every day family lives, against the backdrop of the most turbulent times in European history.


5.0 out of 5 stars Very recommendable book18 April 2015
Thomas D
It is a very interesting and historical authentic book.
The story is very captyvating. It is difficult to put it down.
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