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Elspeth Grace Hall lives with her husband and daughter on a small farm in Caithness, Scotland. When she is not busy rearing her geese, chickens, pigs and vegetables, Elspeth works with her husband teaching history through costumed interpretation.

See them at work:

Elspeth was born in the 80’s to Anglo-Scottish parents and grew up on the banks of the Chesterfieldcanal. Elspeth spent the first 7 years of her married life near the junction of the Nottingham, Cromford and Erewash canals.

Elspeth graduated from the Open University in 2014 with a BA Open that covered history, languages and creative writing.

After losing her hearing in 2009 Elspeth learnt Sign Language and enjoys writing poetry in both English and Sign Supported English.

Examples of her poetry can be found at:

Elspeth has also recorded a series of lessons in Sign Supported English on her youtube channel.



June 2015 - Debbie key stage 1 teacher from Nottinghamshire

" ... you have used some rich language in your book something that is lacking in many children's books today."

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