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Freddie is twelve years old.

At age 10 Freddie was inspired to write his first story by his mother who writes as Winifred Williams and is the creator of the Dream School Adventure series and the Spiderling Chronicles, and his sister Fifi who published her first story at age 6.

Freddie is British & Canadian, he was born in DerbyshireEngland, of mixed English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh parentage. He now lives in Tecumseh, Ontario, with his English/Scottish/Welsh father Dai, his English/Irish/Canadian mother, his 7 year old twin siblings George and Fifi, and bossy dog Lulu.

Freddie is not allowed on social media yet, but you can follow his mum on Twitter @wfredwilliams and read more about Freddie on mum's website

Books by Freddie :


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