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Halloween is here Tonight
Psychology of Home Staging
Tinas Traditiona Book of Scones
Olivia Cribbins & The Lost Numbers
Road of the Mountaineers
Professional Book Trailers by Lioness Publishing
Stepping out of Midnight

Lioness Publishing

Originating in Derbyshire, England, and now based in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Lioness Publishing aims to bring exciting and energetic new authors to the fore. From illustrated children’s tales to science fiction; from historical romance to personal biographies; from breathtaking thrillers to romantic poetry. We are looking to discover new authors and breathe fresh life into existing works.



What do you get:

  • Agreed royalty - annual statements with direct bank payments
  • publishing services include:
    • Paperback book cover design,
    • Paperback book typesetting,
    • Ebook cover design,
    • Ebook typesetting
  • promotions:
    • Author's Web Page - design and setup of unique author's webpage on - choose any page name you want - e.g. - we will develop and launch the page for you.
    • Social Setup - if you don't already have one, then we will set up a dedicated author facebook page - giving you help to manage your content
    • Press Release - crafted specifically for you and your book and aimed at your local press publications, for you to distribute
    • Ongoing Promotion - ongoing promotion for the duration of the publishing contract term, including inclusion in LionessPublishing press releases, websites and social platforms, 
    • Digital Retail Promotions - we will launch sales promotions through the retailer to promote your book - including book launch promotions with Amazon KDP prime, giveaways, and price countdowns for the duration of the publishing term.
    • Social Promotions - we will list your book on our website, and provide promotion via our social platforms.
    • Distribution - we will register your book with the Amazon national and international print and ebook platforms
    • Review publishing - publishing your reviews on Lioness Publishing web sites and social media platforms

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(*) We reserve the right to select books for the PUBLISHING PARTNERSHIP. 

(**) Picture books are eligible for a PUBLISHING PARTNERSHIP.


Do you want to control your own publishing, but need help to get started? Does your book have a unique readership? Do you simply want to produce your manuscript for a very limited print run, but you need help? Then we can still help you. learn more about our Self Publishing Book Coaching, contact us to find out more.

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