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Lioness Self Publishing Book Coaching

"Give a man a fish, and you feeed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" - Chinese Proverb

Book coaching means I walk you through the self publishing process for your first (or subsequent) manuscripts.

I will do the heavy lifting, from typesetting and cover design and setting up your various publishing portals, through to setting up your promotional platforms. Once these are set up I will hand the tools to you so you can manage them, and so you can replicate the process for your future self-publishing.

Once your book is ready to launch I will help to set up your promotional platforms including promotion on the Lioness publishing platforms and all social media platforms.

I try to keep our Book Coaching fees as reasonable as possible and try to be as transparent as possible about likely costs.

However, you need to be aware that you are paying to prepare your manuscript for publishing, to help you to self-publish your book, and make it available either direct to you or available via online retailers. You have full control of your book promotions and marketing.


What do you get:

  • 100% royalty - you keep all royalties
    • I set up your very own POD and Kindle account for you to manage your royalties
  • setup services for one book in both Paperback and ebook
    • Paperback book cover design,
    • Paperback book typesetting,
    • Ebook cover design,
    • Ebook typesetting, for Kindle
  • promotions:
    • Lioness Book Page -  Book promotional page included in the Lioness book directory on
    • Author's Webpage - I will setup a unique author's page on
    • Social Setup - if you don't already have one, I will setup a dedicated author facebook page - giving you the tools to manage your content
    • Book Launch  - one press release crafted specifically for the author and the promotional book for you to submit to your local media
    • Listings - listings on Lioness Publishing platforms: websites, twitter, facebook

What do you earn?

Author receives 100% of all royalties - you keep all your royalties.

What's the cost?

This is negotiable based on the type and complexity of the book.

However, as an indication, and 500 page paperback novel would cost approximately US$2,000.

What's the extras?

There are extra services I can provide if you need them :

  • Copy editing & Proofreading - 2.50c per word
  • Book Cover and Illustrations - Colour US$300 per illustration -  B&W Sketches US$150 per illustration
  • Own web domain - if you prefer to have your own webdomain, then the cost will depend on the cost of domain you require, for example a .com can cost US$50 per annum  - note that we cannot guarantee the domain you want will be available.
  • Own website - if you prefer your own website, then I can design and build your site for you to promote yourself and your books. A basic 5 page website complete with content management tools so you can manage your content starts at just US$500 and one year's free hosting.
  • Hosting - website hosting is charged at US$200 per annum, you will be invoiced after the first 12 month period
  • Website updates - I can manage your content for you at US$40 / hour charged in 30 minute blocks of time.

Interested in the Self Publishing Book Coaching Plan?

Check the Submission Guidelines and contact us

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