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Maralyn is a sixy-something wife, mother and grandmother living in a tiny village in the National Forest in the middle of England. Maralyn loves the countryside she lives in and all the wildlife it supports, she encourages her grandchildren to appreciate the nature all around them.

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Olivia published her first story when she was just eight years old.

Oliva lives in the town of Ilkeston, which is on the Derbyshire/ Nottinghamshire border.

She enjoys school, swimming and gymnastics. 

Olivia was inspired to write her story by her teachers and school friends at St Thomas primary school in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

Books by Olivia :

The Unhappy Volcano


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Jillian is an online business entrepreneur, trainer, content author and editor, and founder of the Home Staging Academy.

Jillian has lived and worked in Germany, USA, Canada, and the UK, her background is with Blue Chip IT companies. She left the corporate world to establish a successful nationwide home staging franchise business in the UK, and developed an extensive training program for home stagers, real estate agents and property developers in how to present and market property successfully, and has been delivering training for over 25 years.

Jillian currently resides in Ontario, Canada.

Books by Jillian Hinds-Williams :

Psychology of Home Staging (Home Staging Secrets)


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Freddie is twelve years old.

At age 10 Freddie was inspired to write his first story by his mother who writes as Winifred Williams and is the creator of the Dream School Adventure series and the Spiderling Chronicles, and his sister Fifi who published her first story at age 6.

Freddie is British & Canadian, he was born in DerbyshireEngland, of mixed English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh parentage. He now lives in Tecumseh, Ontario, with his English/Scottish/Welsh father Dai, his English/Irish/Canadian mother, his 7 year old twin siblings George and Fifi, and bossy dog Lulu.

Freddie is not allowed on social media yet, but you can follow his mum on Twitter @wfredwilliams and read more about Freddie on mum's website

Books by Freddie :


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Fifi published her first story when she was just six years old.

Fifi was inspired to write her first story by her mother who writes as Winifred Williams and is the creator of the Dream School Adventure series and the Spiderling Chronicles, and her older brother Freddie who wrote his first story at age 10.

Fifi is British & Canadian, she was born in DerbyshireEngland, of mixed English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh parentage. She now lives in Tecumseh,  Ontario, with her English/Scottish/Welsh father Dai, her English/Irish/Canadian mother, older brother Freddie, twin brother George and bossy dog Lulu.

Fifi is not allowed on social media yet, but you can follow her mum on Twitter @wfredwilliams and read more about Fifi on mum's website

Books by Fifi :

Princess Daisy & the Baby Dragon


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Tina is a qualified in Interior Designer, holds diplomas in Business Information Studies and Project Management and is a qualified training practitioner with over 15 years business experience.

With business partner Jillian Hinds-Williams, Tina founded the national Home Stagers franchise in the UK. Then went on to develop an international training course in Professional Home Stagers, delivered through the British Academy of Home Stagers, which is delivered today as an online course through the Home Staging Academy

Tina has provided expert advice to many of the UK’s favorite property TV programmers, including: Channel 4's 'Selling Houses'; ‘Location, Location, Location’; ‘Property Ladder’; ‘Downsize Me’; and the BBC's 'Trading Up'.

Tina is also a popular public speaker with provided expert advice on the UK’s national and regional radio stations; presenting for the BBCat national Property and Home Show events; and a public speaker at “women into business” events and network events across the UK.

In 2010 Tina moved from the UK to Central Indiana, USA, where she looked for a new business challenge. A natural home baker for over 20 years in England, she first started off by baking English baked goods and selling at farmers' markets in the Indianapolis area. She went on to build a new business empire and established the Tina’s Traditional Old English Kitchen brand and very popular Tina’s Traditional Tearoom in downtown Indiana.

Tina holds a Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a Certificate in Food as Medicine from the Center of Mind Body Medicine. Tina is an expert in the health benefits of tea and has also launched her own range of Tina’s Traditional Teas. 

Tina continues to be a sought after public speaker and is a regular guest expert on IndyStyle TV.

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Winifred is the creator of the Dream School Adventure series and The Spiderling Chronicles.

Born and raised in Derbyshire, England, of English/Irish stock, she lived in England to care for her elderly parents.

Winifred Williams and family

She currently lives in Ontario, Canada with her English/Scottish/Welsh husband, 3 mixed up English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Canadian children, her 93 year old father who is determined to see his century birthday, and bossy dog Lulu.

You can read more about the Spiderlings at the

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Elspeth Grace Hall lives with her husband and daughter on a small farm in Caithness, Scotland. When she is not busy rearing her geese, chickens, pigs and vegetables, Elspeth works with her husband teaching history through costumed interpretation.

See them at work:

Elspeth was born in the 80’s to Anglo-Scottish parents and grew up on the banks of the Chesterfieldcanal. Elspeth spent the first 7 years of her married life near the junction of the Nottingham, Cromford and Erewash canals.

Elspeth graduated from the Open University in 2014 with a BA Open that covered history, languages and creative writing.

After losing her hearing in 2009 Elspeth learnt Sign Language and enjoys writing poetry in both English and Sign Supported English.

Examples of her poetry can be found at:

Elspeth has also recorded a series of lessons in Sign Supported English on her youtube channel.



June 2015 - Debbie key stage 1 teacher from Nottinghamshire

" ... you have used some rich language in your book something that is lacking in many children's books today."

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Lisa Frei was born in Ismaning, a village in Bavaria, Germany, near Munich before World War II.

She moved to England in 1962 to be an au pair girl in order to learn the English language. She had studied English for some years, but when she arrived in England she found she couldn't understand a word. However, she soon learned, took a couple of exams and then got married.

In 1993 Lisa became a widow and in 2002 she moved into a cosy little home in the small village of Trowell in Nottinghamshire, to be nearer to her son Michael. Her daughter Angela lives abroad, and visits frequently.

Lisa absolutely adores writing as well as reading other people's writing. She also loves studying languages (currently French and Arabic) and learning about other cultures and how people live.

Lisa firmly believes we all have a story to tell and that anybody who wants to should write.

Lisa is currently working on translating The Road of the Mountaineer into German, and is looking forward to writing a Science Fiction story as her first fictional story.

You can follow Lisa on her website at

May we learn to live, to love, to tolerate and understand,
And then may God be pleased that he created Man.
Lisa Frei

The Road of the Mountaineer
Die Strasse Der Gerbirgsjäger


The Road of the Mountaineers

The Road of the Mountaineers
Die Strasse Der Gerbirgsjäger


Lisa Frei and her family lived in the small village of Ismaning just outside Munich before and during the second world war.

Through her painstaking research, family interviews and personal recollections, she narrates the events that took her brothers, Toni and Shorsh, to war. Conscripted to the German army; one went to Russia, while the other went to the Arctic with the Mountaineers Company.

This fascinating account mingles personal stories, tragic accounts and every day family lives, against the backdrop of the most turbulent times in European history.


5.0 out of 5 stars Very recommendable book18 April 2015
Thomas D
It is a very interesting and historical authentic book.
The story is very captyvating. It is difficult to put it down.
Lee Brailsford com_booklibrary&task=view_author&id=7&Itemid=138

Lee was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, to a traditional working-class family. After leaving college at nineteen, he spent five years travelling, living and working in the Canary Islands,  France and Scandinavia, before returning to the UK to pursue a career in hospitality. He began writing  his first thriller in Oslo, Norway at the age of twenty-four.

After another short stint in the US and Edinburgh he returned to the East Midlands where he worked freelance as a copywriter while attaining various literary qualifications. Stepping out of Midnight, his  third psychological thriller, followed soon after. 

He continues to live and work in Nottinghamshire, England.

Books by Lee Brailsford :

Stepping out of Midnight