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ISBN: 978-1502912701
Publisher: Lioness Publishing
Publication date: 2017-05-05 10:40:43
Language: English
Price: 10.70

Tina's Traditional Book of Scones

Traditional Food Chef, restaurateur, and native Englander, Tina Jesson shares her treasured family scone recipes, that were passed down to her from her grandmother and great grandmother, Gladys Wooley who was born in 1899 and worked as a Scullery Maid at Bradley Hall, Derbyshire, England. Learn the art of British baking.

With these easy to follow recipes, you will quickly be baking bake scrumptious scones in no time.

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Psychology of Home Staging (Home Staging Secrets) Authors:
ISBN: 978-0995069534
Publisher: Lioness Publishing
Publication date: 2017-05-05 10:23:18
Language: English
Price: USD$20

Home Staging Secrets

The Psychology of Home Staging


This is an ideal reference book if you want to learn WHY home staging for sale works and HOW to put it into practice.
We explore the concept of home staging, introduce the theories, and define 20 key psychologies that when applied really do work.  
In ‘the Psychology of Home Staging’, you will learn the science behind the concept of home staging, and the practicality of just WHAT to do in order to achieve a successful sale.
A must read for anyone who deals in real estate. Whether you are a budding home stager, a property developer,  real estate agent, or a homeowner getting ready to sell.




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