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Psychology of Home Staging
Halloween is here Tonight
Tinas Traditiona Book of Scones
Olivia Cribbins & The Lost Numbers
Road of the Mountaineers
Stepping out of Midnight

Meet the Authors

Tina Jesson

Tina is a qualified in Interior Designer, holds diplomas in Business Information Studies and Project Management and is a qualified

Jillian Hinds-Williams

Jillian is an online business entrepreneur, trainer, content author and editor, and founder of the Home Staging Academy.

Jillian has lived


Fifi published her first story when she was just six years old.

Fifi was inspired to write her first story by


Elspeth Grace Hall lives with her husband and daughter on a small farm in Caithness, Scotland. When she is not

Maralyn Smith

Maralyn is a sixy-something wife, mother and grandmother living in a tiny village in the National Forest in the middle

Lee Brailsford

Lee was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, to a traditional working-class family. After leaving college at nineteen, he spent five years


Freddie is twelve years old.

At age 10 Freddie was inspired to write his first story by his mother who writes


Olivia published her first story when she was just eight years old.

Oliva lives in the town of Ilkeston, which is

Winifred Williams

Winifred is the creator of the Dream School Adventure series and The Spiderling Chronicles.

Born and raised in Derbyshire, England, of

Lisa Frei

Lisa Frei was born in Ismaning, a village in Bavaria, Germany, near Munich before World War II.

She moved to England

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Fifi published her first story when she was just six years old.

Fifi was inspired to write her first story by her mother who writes as Winifred Williams and is the creator of the Dream School Adventure series and the Spiderling Chronicles, and her older brother Freddie who wrote his first story at age 10.

Fifi is British & Canadian, she was born in DerbyshireEngland, of mixed English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh parentage. She now lives in Tecumseh,  Ontario, with her English/Scottish/Welsh father Dai, her English/Irish/Canadian mother, older brother Freddie, twin brother George and bossy dog Lulu.

Fifi is not allowed on social media yet, but you can follow her mum on Twitter @wfredwilliams and read more about Fifi on mum's website

Books by Fifi :

Princess Daisy & the Baby Dragon


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